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    Thank You All!

    I really appreciate it. I know I’m just starting out, but every like and follow means a lot. It’s validation that I’m not wasting my time or pursuing something that’s futile. Thank you all. https://www.instagram.com/postitnotecomics/   More

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    Why did I come to work today? Half the office isn’t even here. Hector wasn’t thinking ahead. It’s the Monday right in the middle of the July 4th Weekend, and he realized he should have taken PTO. He even put his pants on backwards. Anyone who is actually in the office is either in as […] More

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    My First Commission…

    What if two of the best fictitious detectives worked together on a case? Well, not just any case would do, mind you. This case surely would have to be the best of all time. 1889 London… Sherlock Holmes stepped out of the Handsome at¬†Cannon Street Station. The air was dreary and thick, as the day was an overcast one. This did little to lift my spirits given the grim nature of this case. More

  • Izzy and The Bunny [pencil before ink]

    My daughter wants a bunny so badly. She has a stuffed animal, but it’s not the real thing. I decided to draw what I’d imagine her and a new baby bunny would be like if she were to get one. More

  • It’s My Birthday…

    Today is my Birthday, and I’m sitting in the office working. I know… Adulting, right? No one tells you as a kid how great it is to be one. All I wanted to do was grow up and get out there. Now? I’d rather be a kid again. LOL More

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    The Conference Call

    #15 The Conference Call

    Poor old Hector is trying to work while his cubicle mate yaps away on a lengthy conference call. It’s annoying at times. Having to sit there and listen to someone on a conference call. In this Post-It Note Comic, Hector really doesn’t care to listen in. The conversation is pretty boring anyway, so what does […] More

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    This Morning I Need Coffee

    #14 I Need Coffee

    I’ve got a full day ahead of me. Problem is that I slept horribly last night. Don’t know why. I didn’t have any bad dreams that I can remember, it was just a restless sleep where I was dropping in and out of lucid dreams. This post-it note comic was done while sitting at my […] More

  • where are the marshmallows

    #13 Where are the Marshmallows???

    It always happens. Lucky Charms has the best marshmallows ever. Problem is that the kids go to great lengths to work around the boring cereal just to get at the marshmallows. This morning I grabbed a bowl out of the cupboard and sat down to with the lucky charms. Dumping a bit of cereal in […] More

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